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Building people through supportive relationships and building projects with collaborative problem-solving have been foundational values throughout our history. We’re proud to continue that legacy today, serving the Western and Central US.

building a legacy


Laying the Groundwork for Future Success

In 1961, founder Leo Vellutini begins contracting out of his garage. Over the next few years he and a partner perform small commercial and residential electrical service and maintenance work for their company, Sunset Electric, until their split in 1970.


The Foundation of the Royal Family

The business is officially launched as Royal Electric Company in 1971. Three years later Leo’s son Frank Vellutini joins his father to learn the family business. By 1977 the father-son team incorporates as Vellutini Corporation dba: Royal Electric Co. Royal continues strong growth with great people, relationships and projects.


Royal’s Business is Electrified

Royal Electric Company sees significant growth through the decade. In addition to expanding services, Royal expands its team, markets and the areas they serve. In the early ’80s the company begins doing underground electrical work. The leadership team expands with the addition of Bob Bell.

During this time the Royal team bids on its first airport project. The company soon finds a successful niche in the airport lighting market.

In the mid-80’s, “Royal Legends” like Eric Gardner Sr. and Steven Romero join the company. With their additional expertise, the company expands the airfield electrical market while other areas of the company, including commercial and multi-family markets, continue to excel.

1990s – 2000s

Royal Recognized. Royal Rewarded.

In the early 1990s, with the passing of Leo Vellutini, his son Frank became President and CEO. Soon after, the firm became recognized as one of the top 50 specialty contractors in California. Adding partners Robert Bell (2002), 3rd generation family member Dina Vellutini Kimble (2010), and Eric Gardner II (2015) to the leadership team, launched the expansion of Royal’s expertise throughout California and nine western states.

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2020 & Beyond

Laying the Groundwork for Future Success

Today, the company continues to remain healthy and expand by focusing on three core functions: Building People, Building Relationships, and Building Projects. Backed by a strong leadership team with Dina Vellutini Kimble as President and CEO, Bob Bell as EVP, Greg Schniegenberg as COO, and Keri Adams as CFO, the leadership team is committed to carrying on the successful legacy of the Vellutini family.

The foundation that Royal Electric Company was built and has thrived on — great customer service, high quality work and valuable relationships – will remain guiding principles as they go forward towards the future. The growing team, solid expertise, financial strength, and company relationships allow them to continuously perform multi-million dollar projects with success for Contractors, Developers and Public Agencies.