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As a team of experts in diverse areas of work, we’re united in enthusiasm for continuous improvement, supporting and mentoring each other towards growth and success.



Royal’s purpose is to provide opportunity and support for the development and growth of our employees, clients and communities. That’s why safety is our top priority, training is part of our culture, and everyone on the team is encouraged to challenge themselves on each project.

Master Your Craft While Energizing Your Career!

If you’re a fun, outgoing, critical thinker with a positive attitude, a desire to learn, and no fear of challenges and hard work, you’re the perfect fit for our team! You’ll benefit from personal development and mentorship opportunities while working on some of the most exciting projects in the business and celebrating multiple wins. We’re not kidding — we build cool stuff like airport runways, theatrical lighting, multi-family living spaces, large dams, and much more. The experience you’ll find on our teams to help you grow and develop is unparalleled — some employees have been with us for over 35 years.

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Who’s the Right Fit for Royal?

You like people, have a sense of humor, enjoy what you do, and are even up for the occasional good-natured prank while getting the job done.

You’re eager to build and master your skills by seeking out — and applying — training and new experiences. You’re willing to work smart, take initiative, and take on challenges with a tenacious and resourceful attitude.

You’re willing to be innovative, challenge yourself, and try new things (mistakes are okay as long as you’re learning).

When challenges or problems appear, you’re eager to fix them. You respond instead of reacting and stick with the “messy middle” when working to identify the problem. You’re collaborative and willing to bring innovative ideas to the table.

You’re prepared to put in extra effort when it’s needed to meet the deadlines that are critical to this industry.

You work to build trust and relationships at all levels, cultivating collaboration, shared success, and mutual respect. You make personal connections and help connect others. You listen for — and address — what’s important and valued by others, and build on the strengths of relationships to achieve positive results in complex situations.

You seek out great people and set them up for success. You’re willing to teach, empower, delegate, and mentor others while providing both challenges and support.

You’re an inspiration to others, capable of guiding actions, decisions, and strategies. You recognize other people’s underlying needs and motivations and can navigate individual and group perspectives.

You’re willing to live our linking values, maintain an outward mindset, reflect on yourself, be personally accountable, and “rumble” effectively.

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A Friendly Team with Great Support

Team Royal is a collaborative environment where you’ll have the freedom to be yourself. Your questions, suggestions, and ideas are always welcome. You can have a friendly conversation with anyone in the company, whether you have a concern about work, personal challenges, or anything else. And no matter where you start in the company you’ll have opportunities to grow, by moving up (or laterally) to other areas of the company.

Perfect Perks!

We pride ourselves on being a high performing team for our clients, so there will be deadlines and expectations to meet. But you’ll be surrounded by great people and get the respect, support, training, and equipment you need to stay safe and advance your own career. You’ll also enjoy generous benefits, rewards programs and other perks like these:

Through it all, Royal will challenge you to improve yourself, learn new skills, and even take on higher-level positions when you show us you have what it takes. We’re not just a group of people who work together, we’re a family that builds AWESOME projects and has a great time doing it.

Apply today if you’re ready for success, a fun environment and to be empowered with the following:

• Accountability & Opportunity
• Encouragement & Mentorship
• Experienced & Supportive Culture
• Training & Development
• Challenging Projects
• A Family Environment
• A Rewarding Career
• An Innovative Company

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