building safe crews

While most contractors are OSHA compliant, Royal strives to go beyond the minimum expectations.

Your safety partner

Our reputation as “The Safety Partner” starts with our people, who receive comprehensive training during the on boarding process and ongoing safety training, both on the job and in internal classrooms, during their career. We look out for each other, and other trades on the site, with a proactive approach if there are unsafe conditions.

Practicing Safety

All Day. Every Day.

Through our extensive in-house training programs, certification process and regular job site visits, our safety team has built great relationships with our field crews. In addition to training and intentional accountability, the safety team follows our linking values of “Building People” by coaching and mentoring everyone on our team to ensure compliance with industry protocols and best practices.

Additionally, they begin analyzing potential risks during the bidding phase and continue throughout project completion. The safety team works closely with executive leadership, estimators, and production team members from the foreman down to individual crew members to ensure alignment on safety initiatives throughout all levels of the company. Superintendents and safety staff are regularly on site for safety meetings, discussions with crew members, and site walks. When executives visit the site, they intentionally arrive early to attend the daily safety meeting.

Our dedicated safety team works hard to mitigate exposure to safety hazards and make sure everyone goes home to their families at the end of the day.

Like one of the tools in our toolbox…

safety is ingrained
in our culture

We look out for each other and the other contractors we work with following the motto — if you see something, say something. Concerns are passed along to the proper people to ensure awareness, education and safe practices.

If our crews don’t have the right tools, they don’t just try to make do with what they have, we make sure they get what they need — and fast. Team members at every level pitch in to keep the project safe and efficient at all times.