2020 Best Places to Work Honoree

In 2020 Royal Electric was named 3rd place honoree.

Top local executive: Dina Kimble, President and CEO

Number of local employees: 170

Headquarters: Sacramento


How has Covid-19 impacted your workplace?
Construction was deemed essential work, so our teams had to quickly adapt to Covid protocols to keep each other safe. We became really efficient at using technology to stay connected with each other and our clients while working remotely. We haven’t changed what we do, just how we do it.


How have you maintained employee morale during the pandemic:
Our focus always stayed on our employees by eliminating uncertainty caused by lack of information, and keeping our field and office teams working safely. Communication, staying connected, still having fun and celebrating wins together, and helping each other navigate remote work while supporting families at home has been top priority.


Do you anticipate making any long-term changes to your workplace as a result of the pandemic?

Fully utilizing technology that was already available to us has been a silver lining of Covid. It’s made our remote job sites and employees feel more connected to each other and our clients. We realize which meetings really need to happen in person, and which don’t. We’ll keep these efficiencies.


What’s the most important quality you look for in a potential new employee?
Eagerness to learn from, teach and value others.


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