Runway Safety Area Improvements

Oakland International Airport

Oakland, CA

The purpose of this project was to enhance and upgrade the runway safety area with new fixtures, signs and navaid equipment. Moreover Royal was tasked with completely upgrading all FAA facilities to modern requirements, including: RWY 28R Glide Slope, RVR, SAWS, MALSR and Localizer, RWY 10 PAPI and REIL and the VOR. All of this was achieved with multiple phases and temporary power cut-overs without impacting the existing safety and security of the airport. Furthermore, minimal impact was felt by air carriers, the FAA and the Port of Oakland.

Procuring and installing the 12KV and 5KV main switch-gear components and incorporating them with a new SCADA System as well as an UPS Backup presented a formidable challenge. Royal was able to provide a complete system by performing an independent power coordination and arc flash study, bringing in UL Testing Laboratories.

project details
Owner :
Port of Oakland
General Contractor :
Gallagher & Burk, Inc.
Contract Value :
Contract Time :
December 2014 - January 2018