Runway 1-19 Safety Area Improvements

San Francisco International Airport

San Francisco, CA

This project included the reconstruction of the SFO’s north and south runways as well as the realignment of various taxiways. Royal was tasked with the construction of new: blast deflectors, airfield electrical equipment and navigational aids. Additionally, four Engineered Materials Arrestor Systems (EMAS) were installed at the end of each runway. The electrical components were broken up into three separate scopes of work: Airfield electrical replacement, FAA navigational aids, and FAA runway status lights (RWSL).

The incredibly intricate electrical work was complicated by the 100 calendar day project schedule. In order accomplish this, crews worked six days per week including both day and night shifts for a total of 150,000 man hours. Over the course of the project no time was lost due to injury. Phase II represented 90% of the contract value and was completed within 79 calendar days, ahead of the 100 day schedule. This resulted in an early completion bonus of two million dollars.

project details
Owner :
City & County of San Francisco
General Contractor :
Golden Gate Constructors/DeSilva Gates
Contract Value :
Contract Time :
March - August 2014