Northwest Utility Upgrade

University of California

Berkeley, CA

Project Highlights
The UC Berkley Northwest Utility Upgrade Project included the installation of a new medium voltage system consisting of; the installation and connection of new 12Kv switchgear to existing switchgear via new installation of a 15kV bus duct.

Royal also provided and installed over 22,000 LF of 15Kv cable. Royal Electric worked extensively with the owner and project team to coordinate all aspects of the work and eliminate any impact to the campus and students. A three week look ahead schedule was provided to the Project Team at weekly coordination meetings including notes of equipment being used onsite and staging areas for equipment to ensure that foot traffic was not impeded. Royal performed four separate shut downs on the system during school breaks and holidays to ensure that the cut over and testing of the new system was completed prior to campus being occupied.

Royal self-performed the installation of all medium voltage power cable, ground cables, splices, terminations, racking and fire proofing in existing manholes between.


project details
Owner :
University of California, Berkeley
General Contractor :
Royal Electric Company
Contract Value :
Contract Time :
November 2004 – June 2009
Project Summary