I-5 Slab Rehabilitation

California Department of Transportation

Sacramento, CA

Royal Electric was a key subcontractor on this project with the large scope including; the installation of the new dewatering well equipment, river water level monitoring system, supervisory control and data acquisition electrical system.

Project Highlights
During the construction of the new boat section of the I-5 freeway, Royal installed all conduits and cables on the overhead bridges to support the 48 new water level sensors that were placed along I-5 freeway in various locations.

After all of the sensors were in place, Royal moved their operation to the frontage road and installed the new well pump and control building equipment. All control and power cables were brought back to the control building and terminated to the new Tesco supplied, Royal installed, dewatering well and river water monitoring systems. This supervisory control and data acquisition system will be used to monitor and control well pumps that keep ground water from infiltrating under the roadway.

With the heart of the Sacramento freeway system shutdown to complete this work, a strict project schedule, with no room for error, was assigned to all on the project team. With a strong project team this job was completed in half the time that was scheduled.
Additional Scope of Work Installed:
Modifying Sign Illumination, Loop Replacement, Traffic Monitoring Stations, Loop Detection System, Ramp Metering System, furnish and install Induction Sign Lighting Fixtures, Uninterrupted Power Supply System, Lighting Fixtures, Indicating Lights, Data Logger, Vibrating Wire Interface, Spread Spectrum Radio Transceiver, Antenna and River Water Pressure Assembly.

project details
Owner :
Caltrans District 3
General Contractor :
CC Myers
Contract Value :
Contract Time :
May 2008 – May 2009
Project Summary