Bowles Hall Residential College

University of California

Berkeley, CA
This project saw the complete restoration of Bowles Hall, which comprised of: a historic lounge, dining commons, entryway, central staircase, roof and exterior. Royal complied with ADA building codes in addition to requirements for registered historical structures. This included safety features such as: a sprinkler system, emergency exits and seismic retrofitting.


Remediation of 84 years of deterioration proved a formidable challenge. Particularly, restoring the water-tight integrity of the roof as well as replacing the original 1927 elevator and radiators, plumbing and electrical infrastructure. The kitchen and dining room were also restored to provide in-house dining with meal service extending to the patio.

project details
Owner :
EdR Development LLC
General Contractor :
Clark Construction Group – California LP
Contract Value :
Contract Time :
July 2015 – November 2016