Airfield Lighting Replacement

Burbank Bob Hope Airport

Burbank, CA

By working cooperatively, the project team (Owner/Engineer/Contractor) was able to overcome numerous unforeseen circumstances allowing completion to be on time and within budget. Royal Electric identified certain runs of newer cable that had high meggar readings and therefore could remain in service. This meant base cans could be retrofitted instead of requiring full replacement. Additionally, Royal coordinated rolling daytime taxiway closures in lieu of night work for these phases. This led to our ability to offer the owner a credit of over $500,000.

Royal installed 350,000 LF of #8 5kv cable, 125,000 LF of #6 safety ground and 5000 LF of conduit. Trenching and directional drilling was required as part of the installation underneath existing runways. Royal also upgraded airfield lighting vaults, including new CCR’s and ALCMS modifications. Additional work involved: rehabilitation of existing manholes, 5,000 LF of retrofit counterpoise and 225 ground rods, 267 retro fit base cans, 900 base can drain mods, 800 base can grounding mods, the installation of 1,000 new led fixtures on both runways and four major taxiways, 140 guidance sign retrofits to LED, 650 sign panel replacements, new LED REIL’s & PAPI’s.

project details
Owner :
Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport Authority
General Contractor :
Royal Electric Company
Contract Value :
Contract Time :
January 2015-July 2015, March 2016-August 2016