[Corporate Vision]

“Building Great Relationships,
One Project at a Time!”

Royal Electric Company’s core purpose – to build great relationships, one project at a time – is the reason our company exists. It tells our team that there is a bigger purpose behind our day to day activities. Our core purpose is to make people’s lives better through the projects and relationships we build.

Our mission is to provide expert electrical design, construction and service to builders, contractors and facility owners who value relationships, trust, expertise and a commitment to each other towards achieving exceptional results. The focus of our mission helps us separate what is important from what is not, and communicates our sense of direction through the company – to work collaboratively with partners who share our same values.

Linking values are a guiding set of principles that shape our conduct and decision making over time. They define our culture and help us to attract as well as retain employees and customers who share similar ideals. Some of these values come naturally to us, while others require more focus and effort to realize. Nevertheless, we have high regard for all of these principles and are always striving for excellence.


At Royal, our linking values are the following:

Expertise – we are recognized as best in class and specialists in our areas of work, with an enthusiasm for continuous improvement.

Collaboration – we work together internally and externally, building teams around collective strengths and working together for the benefit of the whole. Communication, shared problem solving and recognition of the contribution of teammates guide our daily interactions.

Integrity – we are committed to the highest standards in honesty, trustworthiness, safe practices and quality of work. We stand up for what we believe in and keep our commitments.

Passion – we love what we build, take pride in our results, share excitement for each new project, and thrive on difficult challenges.

Loyalty – we have each other’s back, going the extra mile for our team and our customers. When the going gets tough we dive in together to face our challenges, always reliable and dedicated to each other.